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Waterproofing works

Franchised building structural waterproofing works, including rooftops, basements, facades and swimming pools, according to a variety of environmental problems using the most suitable materials and construction programs, and with the most rigorous and high-specification waterproof testing, to eliminate future leakage problems, intimate solution to customer concerns.

Ground works - parking lots

Franchised car park platform projects, including industrial buildings, commercial buildings, government car parks and so on. Traditional parking platforms use floor materials, short life and high maintenance costs, the benchmark scheme introduces a new cement-based self-leveling material with very high resistance in Europe,  suitable for indoor or outdoor parking, and the warranty period can be up to 8-10 years, saving customers significantly less annual maintenance  expenditure.

BESSER zero formaldehyde environmental protection building materials

BESSER ore mud powder is extracted from natural minerals using the latest nanotechnology. BESSER batch ash, BESSER SEALER, and BESSER WALL coatings to the surface are not covered with formaldehyde and heavy metals, ensuring that decorators and each family member are not harmed by chemicals.

By the public are increasingly pay attention to health, many European imports of oil paint on the market are zero formaldehyde, but such as Batch ash materials and SEALER do not cooperate, is also a failure. Besser mine mud consider your health and bring the long-term well-being to all their customers.  


•Besser Sealer
•Besser Joint Filler
•Besser Primer
•Besser wall
•Besser Wall Powder

Corporate Philosophy


Represents the “basic” and the most fundamental and needs of human beings.

It also represents Christ, the enterprise under the guidance of Christ.


Representing the criteria, objectively recognized criteria.


Representatives can provide customers with the most appropriate solution.

Unlike general construction companies, JPS Waterproofing Ltd are representing the company's grand vision:

  • Creating a high-quality and healthy living environment, reflecting the beauty of creating heaven and earth, in line with the basic needs of human life;
  • Provide clear and objective engineering standards so that workers, customers and companies can easily agree on three-way satisfactory receipt standards and avoid disputes over unclear communication.
  • Provide the most appropriate solution to each problem, really care about the needs of customers, become the blessing of customers.

Take the standard of Christ as a pointer, and solve the real problem with the solution

Our Brand Story

Male customer

An angry male customer said, “I spent a million dollar to renovate my dream house, but there is water leaking problem after a heavy rain! It’s just ridiculous!”

Renovation Master

An experienced renovation master said resignedly, “I have been working in this industry for almost half a century, and now I got lung cancer because of harmful substances in the work area… Ugh…”

Female customers

A young mother is so worry and said, “The paint on the wall is releasing chemicals, no wonder my two kids got skin allergy and asthma..”

The boss

The boss of a renovation company said, “We do our best in each single project, however, some customers are still not satisfied with the outcome. It is really discouraging!”

Faith linked Eric, Eddie and Adam to the JPS Waterproofing Ltd in 2019, social unrest caused the economic decline and 2020 was hit by the last century epidemic. Many customers cancel or delay the renovation project due to the downturn. It was a heavy blow to JPS as a start-ups. What made Eric to start JPS under the challenging situation? Eric said, “As a father of two, I hope my kids and all other children to grow up in a beautiful and harmless environment. In addition, in renovation industry, it does not have a clear settlement standard. There is always disput among customers, workers and companies. I want to create a new experience to my customers. However, in the face of uncertain business prospects, there was some discouraging time. As a Christian, I believe God is our ultimate boss. There is nothing to fear if we follow Him.”

With two years time and God’s blessing, JPS has identified some high-quality and environmentally friendly materials which has passed the very high specifications of SGS product testing certification. As a matter of fact, we are getting more and more referrals. This is a big encouragement to us because we are recognized by the customers.

Looking to the future, Eric said, “The pursuit of a better environment is the basic human desire, and we truly think it’s important to raise the health awareness not only for the customers, but also for the renovation workers. Last but not least is to get pleasure from the beautiful world created by God.” There is a cross-shaped gate wall in JPS office, symbolizing that they will not forget the original intention of “Bless others with God’s blessings”.

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