New house decoration formaldehyde may cause cancer, experts deconstruct the benefits of ecological mud walls

New house decoration formaldehyde may cause cancer, experts deconstruct the benefits of ecological mud walls

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Many people know that formaldehyde should be removed after home decoration, because long-term inhalation of formaldehyde can cause chronic respiratory diseases such as airway inflammation. Some studies have pointed out that it may increase the risk of nasopharyngeal cancer and bowel cancer. Some people will look for a company that removes formaldehyde. For services, some people use formaldehyde removal sprays, photocatalysts, formaldehyde removal air cleaners, and even plants to remove formaldehyde. However, experts point out that formaldehyde can lie in the home for up to ten years. Instead of treating symptoms, why not start from the source and try to use zero formaldehyde Materials to decorate the home?

Formaldehyde lurks in the home for ten years

Paint is one of the main culprits of formaldehyde. A diatom mud wall material appeared a few years ago. It is non-toxic and formaldehyde-free. It has the advantages of flame retardancy, deodorization, no mold, sound insulation, and natural texture. Recently there has been an advanced version called ecological mud. Eric Lai of J Power Solution pointed out that diatom mud itself is formaldehyde-free, but some chemical materials need to be used to dilute it during construction. However, the construction base material of ecological mud is ecological mud, and it can be truly diluted with water. Zero formaldehyde pollution.

Eric started a business with an interior designer three years ago and introduced environmentally friendly and safe building materials to Hong Kong people. Another major product is German melamine-free flooring. Asked why Eric introduced ecological mud. He pointed out that the ecological mud itself is water-resistant and suitable for the humid weather in Hong Kong. The material is hard and clean and wear-resistant, but if it is scratched by hard objects, you can use the remaining mud to repair and protect , The effect is good, and the color will not change for 20 years, it is a truly safe and environmentally friendly choice. In terms of price, it is not much more expensive. It is actually very cost-effective to include the benefits of health and easy maintenance in the future.

(The structure of the ecological mud wall)

(The structure of the ecological mud wall)

No peculiar smell after one week of decoration

When the reporter went up to interview Eric’s company, the new renovation was completed in only one week, and there was no peculiar smell at all, and I could comfortably sigh for a cup of coffee. “When decorating, choose the right materials to minimize the residue of harmful substances, but of course it cannot be completely avoided. For example, many furniture contains formaldehyde, so I will use high-performance air purifiers for a long time to ensure air quality.” Eric added .

To learn more about ecological mud and feel a comfortable and formaldehyde-free indoor environment, you can go to Eric’s showroom in Wan Chai and Kwai Fong. The address can be directly contacted /whatsapp +852 5168 6883.

(J Power Solution Eric Lai)


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